Why Every Dental Practice Needs A Treatment Coordinator

Why Every Dental Practice Needs A Treatment Coordinator

Why Every Dental Practice Needs A Treatment Coordinator

Published: 08/22/2022
Author: Zachary Scheffler
SEO Strategist

The treatment coordinator (TC) is a key player in helping patients navigate the process of receiving dental care. The objectives of a TC are singularly focused on helping these individuals receive necessary treatments, so they can live their lives without limitations caused by an untreated dental condition or injury!

Every dental practice needs a treatment coordinator. The role of the treatment coordinator is to manage the patient’s appointments, insurance and financial information, and their medical history. They also work with the dentist to provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for each patient. Because of the important role they play in a dental office, it is essential that every practice has a qualified treatment coordinator on staff. Here are just a few reasons why:

  1. They help to streamline the appointment process, making it more efficient for both patients and dentists.
  2. They act as a liaison between patients and dentists, communicating important information back and forth.
  3. And finally, they can help to keep costs down by coordinating treatments, working with insurance providers, and ensuring each patient gets the best care possible.

The Coordinator Role

The role of a dental treatment coordinator is to present the costs and details of the suggested dental plan to patients. The dental treatment coordinator will then work with the patients to confirm insurance coverage and payment plans. A successful dental treatment coordinator will have excellent communication skills and be able to work well under pressure. They will also be detail-oriented and organized, with the ability to multitask.

It is essential for a dental treatment coordinator to be able to understand the necessity of each procedure, and its value, in order address any objections or concerns that may arise. This allows the dentist or surgeon, as well as other professionals involved with patients' care, such as nurses who work closely alongside dentists during procedures, to focus more efficiently on what really matters: actually providing quality patient services, rather than worrying about contracts & insurance claims paperwork

Why You Need A TC In Office

A treatment coordinator is a sales position. The TC works to ensure that patients have complete plans. They take responsibility for the entire patient base and strive towards achieving complete coverage of all treatments prescribed by their doctor, which is vital to maintaining dental practices as successful businesses today. Especially in modern dentistry, volume plays an important role when it comes down to deciding who gets what service or product from you!

Finding A Quality Coordinator 

Here at Progressive Dental Marketing, we like to think of your treatment coordinator as your treatment “closer”. This person’s objective is to ensure that the planned treatments are being fulfilled by the patient on their end, and that the promises being kept by the dental office are fulfilled on their end. When hiring your TC, there are a few things your should consider. Their ability to communicate, their general likeability, and most importantly, the ability to close the case.

a treatment coodinator helping a dental implant patient at excellent dental specialists

You need to make sure your candidate can set clear, methodical expectations in a conversation, has a positive attitude in the office and regarding dental treatments in general, and is a powerful closer who is able to seal the deal on high-dollar, life changing cases!

If you need help finding a treatment coordinator, or you are just looking to train your sales team to the next level, then look no further than Progressive Dental Marketing and The Closing Institute team!

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