3 Key Ingredients To Help Close Cases

3 Key Ingredients To Help Close Cases

3 Key Ingredients To Help Close Cases

Published: 11/14/2022
Author: Charles Hernandez
Practice Growth Consultant

In any profession, there are certain techniques and tools that help get the job done. Dentistry is no exception. The three ingredients to help close dental cases are derived from the patient. Knowing their budget, motivations, and inspirations, as well as increasing communication between the treatment coordinator and the dentist will help pave the way to increased production.


a dental patient calculating dental costs and budget.

Understanding and knowing the client’s budget benefits the treatment coordinator and the doctor by determining the best course of action to increase profitability, and to influence the margin so that the client feels comfortable paying, without the sensation that they are being sold. At this point, the doctor goes into the consultation knowing where the client stands and can better prepare themselves to up-sell based on what the client needs & wants.


Motivation is the second key ingredient in getting to know the client. What is their reason for being in the office that day? Most people who need implants are unaware they need them; they have spent years with a problem they feel is normal.  Although only 6% of Americans have implants now, by 2026, that number is set to grow to 23%.

-Dental Implants: Everything You Need To Know. (2021, June 9). Forbes Health

Therefore, knowing what drives them in can facilitate a smoother sale. The reason could be that their anniversary is coming up, and they don’t want to appear in the pictures without teeth. Impulse can be used as a tool to motivate people into purchasing the implants they are in need of.


Finally, inspiration. This feeling helps patients finally decide to move forward with treatment when they are on the fence about making a purchase. People like to see themselves in the future tense, which is why we strive to have goals. Painting the picture of the patients future new smile is key.  A smile can go a long way. It can start a friendship, dissolve an argument, and spread happiness.

-Harris, A. (2017, June 5). 5 Reasons Why Smiling Is Good For Your Health. Evening Standard.

Knowing the power of aesthetically pleasing teeth and having pictures ready to show clients is a powerful feature that can show clients what they can expect to see in their new smile. Typically, it is the leading factor in closing full arch dental implant treatments. By now, the patient has connected the dots and sees the bigger picture and how they can fix an issue that has been haunting them for years within a reasonable time frame.

two dental professionals discussing their clients motivations for dental implant surgery.

Understanding your patients on a deeper level can help you close more dental cases. By taking the time to learn about their budget, motivations, and inspirations, you can better tailor your treatment plans to meet their needs. In addition, increasing communication between the dentist and treatment coordinator will help ensure that everyone is on the same page in terms of patient care. Communication is vital in keeping everyone in the loop when dealing with potential implant patients. Knowing the patient’s budget, motivation, and inspiration could mean the difference between closing the case and losing the case. The ability to communicate is a critical factor in collaboration and the opportunity to create synergy within a team. Finally, effective workplaces strive to keep open lines between teammates before leaving consult strategies to ensure a successful closing.

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