The Importance of Excellent Dental Web Design!

The Importance of Excellent Dental Web Design!

The Importance of Excellent Dental Web Design

Published: 8/16/2021

Long over are the days of a world where the only dental marketing that a dentist's office would need to do, is to rely on their patient's word of mouth. Today, your dental website is your calling card! It’s your first introduction to potential clients. Your website is one of the most important parts of your business, of which all of your traditional and digital marketing relies on! That is why we wanted to share design tips from our best-performing websites:

Our Website Design Tips!

Responsive Design:

Nobody wants to use a sluggish website. That is why websites need to be able to work on every platform nowadays (computers, tablets, and mobile phones). Having a website with responsive design in all these realms is critical to the success of your website. All our websites are optimized for each of these platforms. Our client’s site, AVPeriodontics is a great example of this! This is strictly necessary as this allows users the flexibility to use the device, they are most comfortable with, allowing you access to all those potential clients. In addition, google indexes websites with their mobile based crawler, helping your ranking with on google!

Design for Efficient Clickthrough:

Adding to this accessibility is in making sure your website has the most relevant pages present in the banner or a drop-down menu. It’s also a great idea to have an indicator of what you are especially marketing towards such as here with Lutz Endodontics with their root canal treatment pages. All necessary information is presented upfront, so a client knows this doctor specializes in root canals, their expertise in doing root canals, and easily be able to research the doctor and the facility, view testimonials / before and after photos, and have contact method / page.

Video Integration:

Many of our best-performing websites have video integration built into them! This allows clients to see into the dental office space and gives them ideas of what the space and the atmosphere of the office is like. Many of our websites have an introductory video at the top of the website, for example, with our client Ft. Worth Cosmetic & Family Dentistry: This website expertly shows off different aspects of their office space whilst not being overbearing or over-explanatory for a brief intro video.

Custom Content:

Custom content is fundamental in winning over clients. Nobody likes stock content because they are not able to see what you as an individual practice are offering clients. Clients want to know what will result from them visiting you, they want to feel comfortable and safe, and they want to know about the expertise of the office and the doctors. Our client, Red Rock Periodontics & Implantology, has a fantastic carousel presentation underneath the header hero, showing off their office space, their options to receive the office's specialty (dental implants), ease of funding the procedure, results from working with the doctors there, and a warm and welcoming presence!

What Award-Winning Websites Look Like:

With nearly 4,000 entries, we won a 2021 MUSE creative design award for our work with our client Tabor Dental Associates! Looking at this website and going through the website, it holds to all the design tips mentioned above. The whole website is responsive and works great across all platforms. Everything is easily accessible from a drop-down menu. Fantastic video integration both at the top of the website with a stellar intro video and with amazing testimonials near the bottom. Of course, all done with custom content giving the whole organization their unique face on the web!

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