A Collaborative Understanding of Progressive Dental Marketing’s Workplace Culture!

A Collaborative Understanding of Progressive Dental Marketing’s Workplace Culture!

A Collaborative Understanding of Progressive Dental Marketing’s Workplace Culture!

Published: 11/05/2021

An employee generally spends 40+ hours a week in an office where executives expect an outstanding performance of productivity. Sitting at a desk all day can be draining and create an unsatisfactory work - life balance. In addition, some employees have a life outside of work that may not generate a feel of quality life. That being said, numerous companies have entered the world of developing a positive workplace culture.

A workplace culture is imperative when seeking productivity. According to Stage Team, 94% of entrepreneurs and 88% of job seekers believe that a healthy culture at work is vital for success, 69% of employees work harder when they receive more recognition, and corporations with motivated workers outperform those with low employee engagement by 202%.

PD Staff During A Closed Door Business Meeting

Progressive Dental’s Junior Web Designer: Sean’s Perspective

Job-related stress is something that everyone deals with from time to time, but in most situations, consistent job-related stress is an indicator of an organization with a poor work environment, culture, or a company who has put profit before people. This type of stress permeates across all aspects of an employee’s life, from their family, personal, and work life balance. To add, Job-related stress can contribute to negative behavioral, physiological, and psychological effects that present themselves as signs – sometimes in the form of burnout in their life or potentially alcohol or drug abuse for employees (Kinicki & Williams, 2018). De-stressing is an important thing to help with this work-life balance, and companies that promote ways of de-stressing create a healthier work-life balance for employees. The effects of burnout present themselves as a “state of emotional, mental, and even physical exhaustion, expressed as indifference or even frustration (Kinicki & Williams, 2018).

Personally, the culture of the company has positively affected me by not only introducing me to a work environment that encourages collaboration, but also wants to see me evolve as a Web Designer and team member. From the moment you walk in the glass doors, with the observable artifacts, such as awards, motivational plaques, and even the many break-areas, Progressive Dental seeks to create a different environment that looks to differentiate itself from its competition. Progressive Dental Marketing has offered great training, mentoring, and incentives, to encourage employees to strive for the best in what they can achieve individually and collectively.

Team leaders, managers, and directors understand a high-quality standard for our clients is directly possible by proving this same high-quality level for our employees. Progressive Dental understands the mental well-being of our employees elevates its employees and team members to act as better versions of themselves. On site, Progressive Dental has facility perks such as recreational areas, a gym facility, and a quiet room to allow employees to focus on their physical, emotional, and mental health. They offer comprehensive benefit packages and incentives to keep employees healthy and happy. Additionally, Progressive Dental believes in an open-work environment where cross functional team members can discuss, collaborate, and coordinate projects and marketing efforts accordingly allowing for a better finished product and service for the client.

Progressive Dental Marketing is a wonderful company for seasoned digital marketing gurus, but also people looking to launch their digital marketing careers into the next level. There’s been something special about the company since I started, and I think it’s that they want to see their employees succeed as much as their clients. From my first day, until now, I’ve genuinely felt this as a core value this company represents. I’m excited to grow my career with this company and team and everything it has done for me yet still has in store for me.

Progressive Dental’s PPC Strategist: Izzy’s Perspective

Life outside of work can be demanding for a lot of people. Some people may be a new parent, trying to balance the demand of being attentive for another life, some may be dealing with a loss in the family, others may be going through things that we could not even imagine. As a recent divorcee and teammate here at Progressive Dental, I have had the opportunity to experience an environment in our workplace that has added happiness to my life. After leaving an abusive relationship, I felt hurt and lost. I thought it would have taken years for me to get back on my feet. To my surprise, I quickly found happiness, thanks to my fellow teammates. Progressive Dental embodies celebratory wins and recognition, diversity, collaboration, and professional development. I was encouraged to be my authentic self, continue to aim higher, and never settle for less. The support given, generated a feeling of both acceptance and appreciation and because of this, I have accomplished many professional and personal goals. Progressive Dental as a whole has helped transform many lives who are, not only our clients but also teammates within the PD company, and I am proud to be a part of this transformation.

The work culture is one of the amazing incentives for me to continue to reach my goals.

PD Staff Smiling Together At The Front Lobby

Progressive Dental’s Director of Media Planning and Buying: Marit’s Perspective

I agree with my colleagues' sentiments above that a supportive, encouraging and fun work culture has a direct correlation to the amount of work that is output.  I have seen it first hand throughout my various jobs.

After working in the media for over 30 years, I have had the good fortune to work for some amazing employers that allowed me to grow, learn and frankly surpass my own expectations of where I thought my career could take me.  With each new experience, I learned more about myself and how to look for opportunities to add more to what I could offer.  The most interesting part of this however, is the evolution of my perspective through age and experience as it pertained to company culture.  I still find it important, but in a different way.

In my 20’s and 30’s, the extra-curricular activities that my company offered played heavily into my motivation.  The happier I was in my work environment, the more invigorated I felt and worked extra hard to stand out and prove myself.  Over the years however, I now find  that I no longer need that to incentivize me, and find  myself taking pride in the type of employee I am and the quality of my work.  I am recognized for my work ethic, I have risen in the ranks in my various companies and am able to mentor younger employees entering the workforce.  I now have the benefit of a proverbial 30,0000 foot view and am able to enjoy the younger employees' reactions to work events in a unique way.  I watch them get that same thrill I initially felt and see how it changes how they work.  It’s exciting to see!

While at this point in my life and my career, I don’t necessarily need events for motivation, I do still need and want to work in an atmosphere that is positive and promotes teamwork  and allows for work life balance.  I am very fortunate to have that currently and continue to be excited about watching our new employees shine!

Progressive Dental’s Director of PPC: Shelley’s Perspective

As I reflect on the individual I was six years ago before starting at Progressive Dental, I can see  the growth, both personally and professionally, I have experienced. I started at Progressive Dental in the SEO department where I constantly absorbed new knowledge from webinars, colleagues, and as with most marketing, trial and error. A few years later I was offered the opportunity to move departments to become a PPC Specialist where I found my passion, as I discovered how much I enjoyed tracking results, tweaking campaigns, and hearing how the leads our marketing campaigns receive directly helped practices grow throughout the United States.  Fast forward a few years and I am now the director of the PPC department. These growth changes not only helped me professionally, by allowing me to find my speciality in marketing but also allowed me to face some of my own fears.

Over the years, the one thing that stands out most to me is how each co-worker truly cares for the other. Everyone wants to see their fellow co-workers succeed, both personally and professionally. We are in an environment where although we can get rather competitive, the success of a fellow co-worker is extremely important to each of us. As others have discussed above, we are in a collaborative environment, where teamwork is encouraged. Everyone understands that it takes a team for a successful campaign and/or client.

Hard work and dedication has allowed me to travel places I would never have imagined through rewards trips and personal vacations I never thought would be possible. The most recent change in my life is that my husband and I are now even able to live our dream as business owners of a dive shop.  I appreciate all of the opportunities that I have with Progressive Dental and look forward to more company events and growth opportunities along the way.

PD Account Manager With Her Dental Team And Their Doctor

Progressive Dental’s SEO Manager: Scott’s Perspective

When you go someplace where you are going to spend time with a group of unique individuals for 40+ hours per week, more time than you spend with your family, company culture is essential for productivity, collaboration, and an employee’s emotional and psychological well-being.

I have worked for companies, big (10,000+ employees) and small (8 employees), from toxic workplaces to extremely fulfilling workplaces, and it is abundantly clear that company culture is established at the top. When you have engaged top-level management, it makes employee buy-in that company’s core values so much easier. At Progressive Dental our management has effectively established a culture of inclusion, collaboration, and engagement. This is done in several ways.

First of all, we have an "open-classroom" style workplace. This helps break-down departmental "silos" and increases communication, collaboration, inclusion and ultimately, productivity. In addition, we have company sponsored extra-curricular activities. Whether they be going to a baseball game as a company, to a company happy hour, or to a company picnic, it all fosters that feeling of inclusion and management engagement. It allows employees to "let their hair down" (if they have any;) with their work-family ... again spending 40+ hours a week with your co-workers.

These are just two of the ways PD develops this culture, and I could go on about team building activities and trips, but I think you get the idea. Management makes you feel appreciated, and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with and for such a wonderful and diverse group of individuals.

PD Staff During A Huge, All Company Meeting

At Progressive Dental Marketing, we have truly implemented a family-like work environment but not just because we are family owned and operated. Our CEO & Founder, Bart Knellinger, values family now that him and his wife founded the company over 13 years ago. He believed in hiring people he trusted so along the way he recruited his best friends, sister-in-law, cousins and more.

We have grown a lot throughout the years but the family-like culture has stuck, those that aren’t family members are still treated like family. We even have some employees who have referred their family members to come join our team knowing that we treat everyone fairly and that they will enjoy a positive work environment.  At PD, we are proud to say that our team is the Progressive Dental Marketing family just like our employees mentioned above!

Bart and Cora Posing With A Doctor In The PD Office

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