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June-November  |  Averaging 18 Implants Per Month

“Now, at a post-COVID level, I am doing better than I have ever done before.” In just one year, Dr. Connelly was able to cut his hours, double his implant placement, and boost his full arch cases by 650%

See how he did it!

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See how he did it!


Dr. Mark Connelly


Dr. Connelly is a general dentist in St. Johns, MI. Before he started working with Progressive Dental, he was only averaging one full arch per quarter, and had contemplated selling his practice. As an early adapter of advanced technology, his initial goals were to increase his multi-implant cases as well as begin an aggressive push towards the full arch market. 


  • Establish St. Johns Dental Care as the premier location for dental implants in the St. Johns and surrounding metro areas
  • Position Dr. Mark Connelly as an expert for both general dentistry as well as complex dental implant cases
  • Increase overall practice revenue by placing more dental implants, with the goal of 100 in 2019 and increasing by that figure in perpetuity 
  • Leverage his knowledge of advanced technology to bring awareness to the St. Johns community as well as apply his passion for ongoing education to designate himself as the industry expert in his area




  • Dental Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media

Dr. Connelly has a passion for continuing education as well as advanced technology. When building his dental practice website, we wanted to highlight his skillset while simultaneously maintaining the approachable, small-town family feel that his practice exudes. In order to do this, we created a series of custom photos and videos to pre-educate potential patients as well as build a caring and compassionate relationship with patients before they even come in the door for treatment.  

Search Engine Optimization

Dr. Connelly’s dental website was locally optimized for St. Johns and the larger metro area to attract patients specific to those markets. Specific targeted keywords focus on CEREC, all-on-4 dental implants, comprehensive dentist, dental implants, and IV sedation. With this dental SEO strategy in mind, we continue to make improvements over time, identifying additional keywords to target.

Organic Keyword Outcome

Keywords on Page One
0 %
Increase in Website Views

Closing 15+ Arches a Month is not as hard as it seems

A vast majority of searches for dental implants in Dr. Connelly’s market were price related. In order to combat any financial holdbacks, we implemented a three-prong pricing strategy. These campaigns consisted of a 20% off dental implants CTA, as well as a monthly pricing for implant supported dentures and monthly pricing for a full arch fixed option. These CTAs, coupled with a free virtual consultation, helped patients determine their candidacy before even coming into the practice, ultimately saving valuable doctor time chairside for patients that were already pre-qualified.

PPC Campaign

connelly Bundle

Example keywords:

  • Full mouth dental implants
  • Dental implant cost/price
  • Affordable dental implants near me
  • Dental implants near me


  • Shows that treatment is all-inclusive and affordable
  • Gives patients an easy way to find ballpark pricing and their candidacy for treatment
  • Through a dental implant evaluation on the page, it is easy for the St. Johns team to triage out unqualified leads

Google Ads Outcome

Monthly Average Leads
$ 300
Average Cost Per Lead

In order to establish Dr. Connelly as an industry expert in his area, we created an ad that was informative but also had a strong CTA. His video covers the 3 most common questions regarding full arch, while also prompting the potential new patient to determine whether or not they are a candidate for dental implants. 

Social media Ad Example

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Social Media Outcome

Monthly Average Leads
$ 200
Average Cost Per Lead

What are you waiting for?

Overall 6-Month Results

Dr. Connelly received a 7:1 ROI in the months of June through November. Since beginning his marketing with Progressive Dental, he has outfitted the office with a brand new staff with laser focus on growing the practice. He has reduced his hours and has an immediate goal of only working three days a week, while averaging 25 single implants and 4 full arches per month.

$ 300
Average Cost Per Lead
$ 0
Monthly Average Production
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