Progressive Dental Takes Over Brazil!

Progressive Dental Takes Over Brazil!

Progressive Dental Takes Over Brazil!

Published: 04/29/2022
Author: Izzy Dalrymple

While working at Progressive Dental Marketing, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing many great opportunities that have come as perks with the job! 

a beautiful town during a trip to brazil

From team building exercises, baseball and hockey games, amazing BBQ’s, and even an all-inclusive trip overseas, there are many reasons why being part of the dental marketing team here at PD is a dream come true!

This Is My Overseas Trip Story!

The all-inclusive trip is awarded to Progressive Dental team members who have shown exemplary work performance, such as surpassing major departmental goals, displaying outstanding customer service to our clients, and going above and beyond in their role. When the names of who were going on the trip were announced, I was filled with joy when I found out that I would be one of those employees who would be going to the 2022 Awards Trip to Brazil!

a passport ready to travel

Waiting to board our flight, passport and ticket in hand, I could hear my heart pounding with excitement. I’ve traveled overseas before, but this was my first time traveling to South America with my amazing teammates! Upon our arrival in Rio De Janeiro after a 12 hour travel day, we finally settled into our hotels.

a pool with a beautiful ocean view behind

The drive to our hotels was breathtaking. Both the bright, captivating colors, and its architecture full of history gives the name of Brazil. During our stay, we had the opportunity to experience the bursting flavors of Brazilian cuisine, visit Christ the Redeemer, take a memorable helicopter tour, and go on a yacht excursion in the beautiful waters of Brazil.

Brazilian Cuisine

Brazilians take pride in their cuisine, as it shows through the bursting flavors of each dish we tried. They utilize many spices that have a story of its origin, such as the pequi fruit, one of the rare examples of a fruit being used as a seasoning. My favorite dish from the trip would be a pasta dish from Babbo Osteria which is located near Ipanema beach. The pasta consisted of well-seasoned beef that was topped with parmesan cheese with a bursting flavor cheese sauce.

brazillian cuisine with a beautiful skyline behind

While trying to find a concrete definition of “Brazilian Cuisine” may be difficult due to the complex origins of Brazil, the food itself is an amazing blend of staples you may be familiar with. You will find that their cuisine consists of utilizing ingredients that are native to South America, such as manioc as a replacement for potato, or polenta for rice, and wrapping everything in a unique blend of native and imported seasonings.

authentic cuisine while traveling in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival

Every year, in the days leading up to Lent, the largest carnival in the world takes place in Rio de Janeiro, and we got to be there for it! While the “official” parade was canceled by their government, the street festivities never stopped!

a manaquin with an outfit for Carnival

You could hear the streets come alive with the sounds of drums playing, kids laughing, and families dancing to the Samba beat. Many of the Brazilians dressed up in glitz galore consisting of tutus, glitter, bunny ears, and anything that encompassed freedom of expression.

Christ The Redeemer

Weighing at 635 metric tons, 124 feet tall, and 2300 feet above sea level, we got to see this amazing wonder of the world during the trip! As you can imagine, the trek was not easy in order to arrive at one of the 7 Wonders of the World. We took a van to drive halfway up the steep mountain, then climbed 220 steps in the 92 degree Brazilian weather.

a progressive team member in front of Christ the Redeemer statue

Even though we were tired, the excitement that came over us once we saw Christ the Redeemer overtook the feelings of exhaustion. This was an incredible team bonding experience! We enjoyed taking pictures with one another and talking about the history of the statue. If you’re ever in Rio de Janeiro, you must see this statue close up in person. It is certainly a marvel that is worth the trip up the mountain!

progressive team standing at christ the redeemer

Yacht Experience

Our yacht experience was an event to remember for a lifetime. We left at the break of dawn on Friday and embarked on a beautiful white and black vessel. Progressive Dental was greeted with smiles and a beautiful breakfast. Coasting the warm clear blue Brazilian seas was very captivating as mountains filled with luscious greenery touched the sun's rays.

the progressive dental team on a yacht

Progressive Dental’s culture is an amazing one, and I am so thankful to say that I had the pleasure of having an amazing vacation with my teammates. Each activity spent with my team was astounding as we discussed each experience together and shared bonding memories. 

the progressive dental team on a yacht

I find that most companies have lost their work culture, and focus a lot of their energy on obtaining ROI. This tactic is sure to fail, as employees will feel overworked, burnt out and begin to search for a meaningful career elsewhere.

It is important for a company/business/organization to not only cater to their clients' needs but also cater to their employees' needs. When you have happy employees you have even happier clients because this energy transcends into the customer service that is provided! With mental health being meaningful to everyday tasks, a work life balance is a must. PD prioritizes innovating an amazing work life culture!

Our growth is just starting, Progressive Dental and most of our clients saw record numbers in 2021 and this rapid growth has rolled into 2022. Please go to to learn more about the job openings and to become a valued member of our family.

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