The 3 Major Front Desk KPI’s For a Dental Practice:

The 3 Major Front Desk KPI’s For a Dental Practice:

The 3 Major Front Desk KPI’s For a Dental Practice:

Author: Forrest Hodge

Published: 10/04/2021

As someone who has worked in a customer contact center environment for the last 21 years, there is something that is desperately needed in all forms of business settings, including dental markets! Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a series of internal reporting that indicate efficiency of work done in a department.

A Quick About Me:

My name is Forrest Hodge, and I have worked in a contact center environment for the last 21 years.  During my professional life, I have worked as customer service representatives, team leaders, supervisors, and managers.  I am currently employed at Progressive Dental Marketing as the Administrative Director and Front Desk Operator.

Several key elements that I bring to PD are phone etiquette and customer engagement (see my other blogs!). These elements are used in nearly all large industries, and the expectations remain the same. How to engage with the caller, using correct word usage, call listening skills, and all other call handling techniques should be always used.

What Are KPIs?

As mentioned before, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a series of internal reporting that indicate efficiency of work done in a department.  KPIs can be automatically generated via phone or computer, manually uploaded and tracked by key employees, and shared internally with management for tracking a department’s work.  KPIs allow any company to determine the level of production in any form of department, from straightforward departments such as sales and website development, which have simple KPIs to track their performance, to more obscure departments like front desk, that have less quantitative data to track performance metrics.

The end purpose of KPIs is to boost productivity in a department by setting goals to be met. KPIs allow for management to discover areas of opportunity that can be tweaked, removed, or enhanced to better understand the productivity of a department.

In A Front Desk Contact Center Environment, The Three KPIs Are Measured By:

Average Handle Time

This is a measurement of the average length of each call handled by a front desk representative.  This metric tracks the number of calls made/received each shift. As far as the front desk goes, this is the most important metric, and can determine if the front desk is over or understaffed, as well as a metric of leads to your practice.


This is a combination of several workplace behaviors that affect productivity. Some examples of behaviors that affect adherence are the time taken for lunch, bathroom, and other breaks, as well as adhering to overall preset schedules in their shift. This metric can determine the efficiency of a worker at doing the job assigned.


This is a measurement of how well the front desk representative is at doing their job. This metric is all about how a call is handled: based on verbiage, after-call notes, and lead conversions. This metric determines how good the representative is at conducting themselves in the job they’re expected to do.

These are just a few of the expectations that are used within a Contact Center environment that measures the success/failure of an individual or a whole department collectively.  With all 3, expectations are set, and results are measurable.

Here At Progressive Dental Marketing, We Have KPIs Set But In Different Ways And For Different Reasons:

Average Handle Time

Unlike the AHT for Contact Center measurements, we do not measure the length of the call, since for our niche, it does not influence production or conversions. But the content covered in the call itself is given way more importance, since that impacts our production and conversions more!


Each department is given a turnaround time, in addition to normal workplace adherence, to deliver products and services that are conducive to clients’ expectations and goals.


For each department it varies, but the expectations are the same.  To produce a product that is of the highest quality and is satisfactory to the client. Ultimately, generating leads and producing revenue that will be beneficial to the client and PD as well.

Ready to Establish the KPIs for Your Dental Practice?!

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