The Facebook Insights Dentists Use To Know When and What To Post

The Facebook Insights Dentists Use To Know When and What To Post

The Facebook Insights Dentists Use To Know When and What To Post

Published: 06/10/2022
Author: Christopher Sandel
Director of Social Media

When it comes to creating social media content as a business on Facebook it can get frustrating when some posts get a lot of views and engagement, while others barely get one view. Did you know Facebook provides you a tool to know when your audience is expected to interact with your brand the most and what content works best?

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Page Insights is a tool that Facebook provides to every Business Page and is a tool that content creators can’t do without.  Learning the “flow” of your page is crucial to content creation, as well as when to post your content.  If you are only posting whenever the feeling strikes, you could just be putting out content that will never be seen by your audience. This rule only applies to created and scheduled content.  It does not apply to any “at the moment” happenings like birthdays, team events, patient surprises, etc.

Page Insights is a tool that Facebook provides to every Business Page

Let’s dive into Page Insights and the wealth of knowledge it can bestow on you! Go to’s username)/insights.  Once there, you’ll have a list of options on the right-hand side.

First, we are going to look under posts. When you click on this tab on the left, it’s going to show you “When Your Fans Are Online.” You will see the days of the week with a number on top that showcases what day has the most fans online. As you’ll see in the graph below, it shows the times our fans are online. If you hover over the days, the specific times for that day will be displayed below. Having this data gives us great insight into when exactly we should start scheduling our posts. It also shows us when to test with strong content.  But how do we know what content is our strong content? On the top of the analytics, click over to the next tab that says, “Post Types.”

Page Insights is a tool that Facebook provides to every Business Page

Under the Post Types section, we can see the different types of posts that have been published on our page. We can also see exactly what the average reach and engagement is for that style.  This is helpful so that when creating content we can hone in on, we’ll know exactly what type of content we need to focus on.

Page Insights is a tool that Facebook provides to every Business Page

Now we have found out what day of the week to post, what time to post, and what type of content to post.  However, we are not done!  Next, we need review how our current post copy (captions) are doing. Now we need to jump over to Creator Studio. (  Once you are on this page, click on the Published tab. Here you will have a layout of all the posts made on our page and the performance of each post. This gives us great insight as to what is working best.

Page Insights is a tool that Facebook provides to every Business Page

Now you are armed with the tools to go out and conquer content creation. Be sure to always check these sections. Because they are changing constantly, your content will need to change accordingly.

Our Social Media team here at Progressive Dental constantly monitor these sections for all our clients and adjusts content as needed. This ensures that we are getting the best performance possible! If you would like more information about how to increase your organic reach, feel free to reach out to one of our marketing experts. We take pride in helping dental practices reach their business growth goals. One of these ways is through dental marketing using social media!

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