Dental Spouses & Power Wives Of Dentistry

Dental Spouses & Power Wives Of Dentistry

Dental Spouses & Power Wives Of Dentistry

Published: 06/20/2022
Author: Aparna Pawar
Senior Practice Growth Consultant

Over the course of my career, I have had the honor of working with high-performing practices and dental implant surgeons who are some of the best in the country. These practices are placing 10, 20, or even 50 arches per month! It takes a powerful team to achieve such high production, and a great surgeon to execute these clinical outcomes.

At these incredible practices, I have always worked very closely with the doctors and their staff. Fortunately, I have also had the opportunity to develop some great working relationships with their wives! We wanted to feature these 4 dynamic women that have walked hand-in-hand with the doctors and have helped these practices grow from a single location to multiple locations. These practices have gone from being almost broke to becoming our country’s top-performing dental implant centers, and from starting as small offices to becoming the established state-of-the-art dental facilities.

Stories Of Success

Mrs. Lea Weber

Dr. Andrew Weber and his wife Lea Weber were high school sweethearts. As he finished his dental schooling, she went on to complete her degree in accounting. She has been actively involved with the multi-location dental practices as a CFO, hiring manager, mentor, and marketing director. When I asked Lea what her biggest strength was and how she managed to wear multiple hats, she laughed and said that it was her ability to be very patient with people. Lea faced some tough business challenges with Dr. Weber when they started the practice, and then again during the pandemic. Despite all these challenges, she was able to overcome them with her resilience and business acumen.

Dr. Alexandra Nouel

Dr. Mauro Stuparich, and his wife Dr. Alexandra Nouel, started their practice in Boston. After Post Grad, they were married in 1994 and had their first daughter. Their dental practice, Stuparich and Nouel Dental Associates, was founded in 1998. Dr. Nouel specialized in smile makeovers and full mouth reconstructions. Just like some of the other wives on this list, Dr. Nouel too juggled between raising her 2 kids and running their new practice. It was very challenging because she performed almost all the duties at the practice, including performing large cases, handling incoming patient calls, scheduling patients, performing insurance benefits checks, and much more!

Mrs. Angel Brand

Dr. Nick Brand and his wife Angel have their own unique story. Angel is a proud Puerto Rican from the Bronx and has mentioned that she is feisty and fearless from living in some tough neighborhoods. Living in tough neighborhoods meant that she experienced some difficult days while growing up there. Being a single parent to two daughters, one of whom was autistic, had its own challenges. But that did not stop her from getting her certifications and moving to Florida. After she started working with Dr. Brand as a hygienist and office manager, she fully immersed herself in the practice. She did not hesitate to go into the retirement communities, run booths, and look into marketing. The practice had a low production rate, so she worked along with Dr. Brand and the staff to turn it around into one of the top-performing practices.

The 5 Personality Traits For Success

These are some of the most successful women in dentistry today. So, what did all of these ladies have in common?

Flexibility & Adaptability

These women were ready to jump into any role and situation to get the work done. Whether they were doctors, accountants, hygienists, or office managers, they had no issues wearing multiple hats. Depending on demand, they were on the front end with their team to make sure they did everything in their power to have a successful practice.


Powerful women have the ability to deal with any challenge. They believe in themselves and overcome any obstacle.


When faced with challenges, either in their personal or professional lives, they did not give up. In fact, they found solutions and other ways to overcome these obstacles.


Failure was not an option for them. Challenges were inevitable, but these ladies were always a great support system to their husbands and staff. They believed that mindset was everything. They fixated on the good things and were rewarded with positive outcomes and solutions.

Willingness To Learn

Learning never stopped for these women. They stepped out of their comfort zones and took courses, seminars, read books, and joined online classes to learn everything to help them improve themselves, bring value to the business, and help their team. To be in a power position, you have to take the time to invest in yourself!

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