The Value Of Visibility And Brand Awareness In Implant Marketing

The Value Of Visibility And Brand Awareness In Implant Marketing

The Value Of Visibility And Brand Awareness In Implant Marketing

Published: 1/20/2023
Author: Shelley Glime
Director Of PPC

Dental Implant Marketing is one of the fastest growing areas in dental marketing. Why? 1 in 6 adults age 65+ have lost all of their teeth. A lack of teeth limits what people can eat, affects their confidence, and their overall well-being. For doctors, the best part about marketing these procedures is that just a few cases can cover marketing expenses and some of their overhead while they are completely changing their patients’ lives.  However, since this is an expensive treatment, it may take time for patients to decide when to move forward with treatment. This is why visibility in implant marketing is so important!

What do we mean by visibility? Your brand should be in front of these patients every chance you get. From Ads on Google, Facebook, & Instagram, to making sure your website ranks organically for dental implant search terms with SEO, if patients are looking for dental implants they should know about your practice. If your budget allows, even television ads can help your visibility. It can take many of these patients months and in some cases years to decide when they are officially going to move forward with treatment.

At Progressive Dental Marketing we know how important visibility is as we often see this first hand in our lead management dashboard. Future patients may fill out a form or call the practice multiple times before converting into a patient. In some cases we see months or even years go by between form fills and calls, and in a lot of cases these form fills are from various sources.  For example, an individual may fill out a form from a Google Ad, then a month or so later fill out a form from a Facebook ad, and then finally fill out a website form before setting up an implant  consultation. This is why a cohesive implant marketing plan is so important!

Visibility is also important in terms of communication with a future patient. Remember this is an expensive treatment, especially for those patients who may have held off on dental treatment because they couldn’t afford it.  Calling, texting, and emailing these patients to remind them that you are here for them is extremely important. Establishing a relationship prior to the individual becoming a patient enhances their trust in the practice and increases the chance of them moving forward with their treatment. This is why Progressive Dental Marketing has incorporated automated texts and emails in our lead management dashboard to help your staff stay in direct communication with individuals in need of implant treatment. Keep in mind, if you do not stay in front of these patients they could be “sold” by another practice. This doesn’t eliminate the need for personalized calls or texts to these patients. It does, however, help your practice get visibility with patients.

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