3 Reasons Why Social Media is More Important than Ever In Dental Marketing

3 Reasons Why Social Media is More Important than Ever In Dental Marketing
As practices are forced to close their doors, patients are now constrained by the availability of their dentists. Even though we are now unable to treat patients in the chair, we can still be productive. It’s important to take this rare opportunity to strengthen our bond with existing patients, create one with new patients, and build our presence within the community. That’s why having a comprehensive social media strategy is more important than it has ever been before. See the major reasons why:
  1.  You have more eyes - People are spending all day at home, right now you have a bigger captive audience that you have ever had before. Even if you aren’t seeing emergency patients, now is not the time to stop marketing your practice. Take this moment to humanize your practice, show your followers the amazing things that you have been able to do through your clinical experience. Offer help, consolation through this pandemic, and reassurance (positivity is key right now). Highlight the life changing experiences that your patients have had as a result of coming to your office. Keep your brand present and let your followers know that although the practice may be temporarily down, you are not out!
  2. Reduced marketing costs - The ad space is less saturated because a lot of companies have pulled their marketing during this time. That means that you aren’t competing against heavy hitters for eyeballs, which drives the cost per click way down. We are seeing cost per views as low as $0.02 per 15 second view! This same campaign, located in Manhattan, is seeing their campaign reach 270,792 people when it normally averages 28,584. Our impressions for this campaign normally average just under 52K but they now are over 400K! Right now, you are able to reach more people, at a lower cost! 
  3. People are still in pain - “I need a root canal because my Dentist had me scheduled for one but he is closed now and I am in a lot of pain." This is an example of a form that a patient submitted after clicking on one of our clients’ recent Facebook ads. Just because we are quarantined, doesn’t mean that pain stops. You can help by keeping these patients in pain out of the ER, saving that valuable space for those that are in need of hospitalization. If you are open for emergencies, make sure that your following knows about it! 
Need Help with Your Social Media Plan?  Our dental marketing and consulting firm has social media specialists who can guide you as part of a full staff of marketing professionals. All are dedicated to expanding your patient base for you while you’re focusing on providing the highest quality of care to existing patients. We’ve already done this for many successful practices. Why not see what we can do for yours? Call our practice growth specialists at 727-286-6211 today.
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