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July, August, September  |  Averaging 15 Arches Per Month

“If I regret anything at all, I regret that I didn’t work with them 10 years ago!” In just three short years, Dr. Kamel was able to double the size of his office, he increased his staff by 2x, and he boosted his full arch cases by 8900%. See how this practice went from placing 12 implants a year to 600 and 2 arches a year to 180.

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Dr. Marko Kamel


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Dr. Kamel is a general dentist in Woodbury, MN. Three years ago, when he started working with Progressive Dental, he averaged one implant a month and one full arch every six months. While he had dabbled in some Google Ads, he relied heavily on direct mail and word of mouth as his primary means of marketing. His initial goals were to increase his practice’s annual revenue by one million dollars and to boost his new patient flow as well as dental implant cases.


  • Establish Woodbury Dental Arts as the premier location for dental implants in the Woodbury and surrounding metro areas
  • Position Dr. Marko Kamel as an expert for both general dentistry as well as complex dental implant cases
  • Increase overall practice revenue by one million dollars in the first year and carry that trajectory into following years
  • Leverage the “all under one roof” model at Woodbury Dental Arts to attract more patients looking for complex restorative care 




  • Dental Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media
  • TV
  • The Closing Institute

Before designing Dr. Kamel a new website, we re-branded his practice with a dental logo design that embodies his proximity to the Great Lakes in Minnesota. The blues and greens act as land and water and represent the whole body holistic approach that Dr. Kamel uses with all of his patients. We created custom videos as well as custom photography to pre-educate potential patients as well as build thoughtful relationships before they even come through the door.

Search Engine Optimization

Dr. Kamel’s dental website was locally optimized for Woodbury and the larger metro area to attract patients specific to those markets. Specific targeted keywords focus on dental implants, full mouth implants, orthodontics, and holistic dentistry. With this initiative in mind, continual SEO improvements over time ensure that he is branded as the premier clinician in his area.

Organic Traffic Outcome

Monthly Average Visitors
Keywords on Page One

Closing 15+ Arches a Month is not as hard as it seems

We incorporated a 20% off campaign to assist anyone with financial holdbacks. Using this, in combination with a Free Virtual Consultation call to action, we were able to direct patients to a landing page where they could either enter their information in order to receive the special offer OR they could fill out a digital implant evaluation to determine if they are a candidate for dental implants. 

PPC Campaign


Example keywords:

  • All-on-4 dental implant price
  • Affordable dental implants
  • Dental Implants price/cost


  • Shows that treatment is all-inclusive and affordable
  • Gives patients an easy way to find ballpark pricing and their candidacy for treatment
  • Through a dental implant evaluation on the page, it is easy for the Woodbury team to triage out unqualified leads

Google Ads Outcome

Monthly Average Leads
$ 100
Average Cost Per Lead
Monthly Average Form Fills
Monthly Average Phone Calls

Dr. Kamel’s social media marketing included a combination of organic and boosted posts along with paid ads. Utilizing the video blogs and patient testimonials filmed during the initial campaign buildout, we used Free Consults with a Digital Implant Evaluation as well as a price incentive to motivate patients to click.

Social media Ad Example #1

  • Direct response ad, drives traffic to dental implant evaluation
  • Uses ‘Get Quote’ CTA to target patients concerned over price
  • Evokes an emotional response to get patients to move forward

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Social media Ad Example #2

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Social Media Outcome

Monthly Average Leads
$ 200
Average Cost Per Lead

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For Dr. Kamel, we ran :30 second ads during the morning, late afternoon, and early fringe news spots targeting the 50+ demographic. Because he is in a large market, we would air two weeks on and two weeks off each month. This allowed us to cast a wide net using an aggressive price CTA as well as testimonial ad. Because Dr. Kamel has name recognition, quality before and after photos, and excellent reviews, he is able to attract patients that live hours away.

TV Campaign

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  • :30 second spot
  • 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off
  • Targeted towards 50+ demographic
  • Morning, late afternoon, and early fringe news spots
  • Aggressive price CTA to get patient to take action

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Dr. Kamel sent his Treatment Coordinators to Clearwater, FL to participate in our dental sales mentorship program, The Closing Institute. This program is designed to teach Treatment Coordinators an abridged consultation process so that they can spend more time with the patients that are qualified to move forward with treatment and triage out those that are not. Coupled with an online learning platform, these Treatment Coordinators are transformed into ‘Closers.’

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Overall 3-Month Results

Dr. Kamel received a 14:1 ROI in the months of July, August, and September. He recently moved into a new location that is double the size of his previous practice. To handle the patient demand, he has hired additional team members, including a second Treatment Coordinator. His immediate goals are to expand his new practice an extra 2,000 square feet and increase his All-on-X cases to two per day, four days a week, totaling 400 arches a year.

Arches Per Month
$ 0
Total Monthly Production
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