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August 2020 – January 2021

In partnering with Progressive Dental, Dr. Silfa aimed to establish his GP practice as the premier location for multi-implant and full arch cases in the Plainview and surrounding areas. In just the span of one year, he boosted his dental implant cases by 222%

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Dr. Publio Silfa



Social Media

Dr. Publio Silfa is a General Practitioner in Long Island, NY. He is a third generation dentist and has a sincere passion for the craft of designing smiles and changing lives. When he began working with Progressive Dental, it was his primary focus reduce new patient volume and to grow in high-dollar procedures such as multi-implant and full arch cases. 


  • Establish Meadowbrook Dentistry as the premier location for dental implants in Long Island
  • Position Dr. Silfa as an expert for both general dentistry as well as complex dental implant cases
  • Bolster practice revenue by one million dollars in the first year of marketing and continue to build in following years




  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media

Closing 15+ Arches a Month is not as hard as it seems

We took a two-prong approach to Dr. Silfa’s dental implant marketing campaign strategy. His practice had distinct advantages that easily separated him from the competition; price and credentials. Because of this, we developed two landing pages to send paid traffic. One page focused on the low, affordable monthly payments as well as the efficiency of the procedure and the many options that were available for different price ranges. The other page focused on the experience of the doctor, the volume of implants he has placed, as well as his advanced knowledge of the procedure.

PPC Campaign #1


Example keywords:

  • Best dental implant dentist in…
  • Affordable dental implants
  • Dental Implants price/cost


  • Shows credentials and positions the doctor as the expert
  • Highlights before and after photos to establish credibility of the clinician
  • Outlines different dental implant options as well as range of pricing options available

PPC Campaign #2


Example keywords:

  • All-on-4 dental implant price
  • Affordable dental implants
  • Dental Implants price/cost


  • Establish Dr. Silfa’s practice as a one-stop-shop for dental implants by emphasizing convenience and technology
  • Establishing the treatment as affordable as well as all-inclusive, no hidden fees
  • Dental implant evaluation allows patients to determine whether or not they are a candidate for the procedure, while simultaneously allowing the Meadowbrook Dentistry to triage out unqualified leads

Google Ads Outcome

Monthly Average Leads
$ 100
Average Cost Per Lead

Dr. Silfa and his team are already very proficient at capturing quality video content as well as utilizing smile mockups from the DSDApp to promote the practice on social media. We were able to repurpose those videos and utilize them in paid ads. Coupling those patient testimonials with price incentives as well as as a digital implant evaluation to determine the patient’s candidacy, motivated the patients to click.

Social media Ad Example #1

  • Direct response ad, drives traffic to dental implant evaluation
  • Targeting patients that most likely in need of tooth replacement options, including narrowing down demographics to those 45 years old and up
  • Uses ‘Get Quote’ CTA to target patients concerned over price

Watch the Video

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Social media Ad Example #2

  • Retargeting campaign designed to target patients that have already engaged with the practice’s social media pages
  • Created to provide social proof of clinical excellence
  • Offers a free consultation as well as low, affordable monthly pricing

Watch the Video


Social Media Outcome

Monthly Average Leads
$ 200
Average Cost Per Lead

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Overall 6-Month Results

Dr. Silfa received a 20:1 ROI for the months of August 2020 – January 2021. His office is now open an additional day to meet the demand of his patients and he implemented a bonus structure to reward team members based off of the number of implant cases closed each month. His goals moving forward are to place 4-5 arches a month and exceed his 2020 overall yearly production by a million dollars.

$ 0
August 2019 - January 2020 Production


$ 0
August 2020 - January 2021 Production
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