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Marketing for the General Dentist - General Dentist Marketing Strategty - Progressive Dental

The marketing scene for general dentists is saturated with over promised sales and under delivered dental marketing techniques. Many companies provide the same generic content and strategies for all of their general dentist marketing clients. The more generic the strategy, the lower your conversion ratios, the higher the cost per lead.

By sectioning off the advanced dental procedures and advanced dental protocols it allows us to increase the reach of your dental marketing and attract the high dollar targeted patients to your practice.

Many generic marketing companies determine your dental marketing success from increased traffic to your website or increased phone calls to your general dentist office. At Progressive Dental Marketing, we determine general dentist marketing success by your increase in revenue each and every month. We track every procedure you book at your practice down to the dollar amount. We also work hand in hand with your staff to ensure that the conversion calls recorded vs new and old patient booked appointments are healthy. We also focus on your success in booked appointments vs accepted treatments so you can develop an appropriate treatment plan.

At the end of the day it does not matter how much general dentist website traffic or how many phone calls you get each month if they are not converting into dental procedures for qualified patients.

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