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The Reality Of Marketing As A Prosthodontist

Many times “Marketing People” forget that the purpose of developing a website for a specialist like a Prosthodontist is to attract “SPECIALTY” procedures! Prosthodontists are not buying websites to act as an online business card… you can get those for free these days. They are interested in purchasing a website for one reason and one reason only. To grow their practice and diversify with some direct to public or “Unattached Patients”. This helps to mitigate the continuous reduction in referrals from general dentists that are now doing some of the same procedures or corporate dental groups that are adopting an all-under-one roof model.

The Problem?

The problem for many Prosthodontists and dental specialists is that most of them entrust their website development and/or marketing strategy to companies or people that know very little about dentistry and even less in regards to prosthodontics. This is why all of the Prosthodontist websites look basically the same… Who you are, a bunch of services that you provide, and how to contact you. That’s about as sophisticated as it gets for most Prosthodontists as it pertains to their website. This is a huge problem because it does not address the main obstacle standing in your way from attracting large fee for service cases direct from the public. Commoditization. The real problem is that surgeons that market their “Services” and “Procedures” have no answer for the inevitable General Dentist, or Corporate marketing group that advertises the same “Services” or “Procedures” at a lower price!

So the question and the key to developing a prosthodontist website that is productive and lucrative is this… 

What can we market that will be impossible for a competitor to imitate or commoditize?

The answer is simple, market your REAL PRODUCT.

Your real product is your patients’ experiences, your clinical outcomes, and your expertise. We develop creative and compelling websites for prosthodontists by adhering to a few critical areas and keys to success.

Strategy Comes First
Developing a website for a prosthodontist requires specific knowledge and expertise in the field of prosthodontics. There are 3 fundamental topics to cover during strategy development.
Gain Clarity
Clearly define exactly what kind of patients & cases we want to attract. Oral surgery marketing will usually focus around dental implants, jaw surgery and extractions. Each practice has a different set of services and goals on how and why they want to grow their practice in that particular direction but the most important part is clearly identifying what types of cases we are going to target.
Identify Compelling Assets
Collect or create all assets necessary to appeal to the intellectual and the emotional side of patients. We utilize videography, photography, & custom content to accurately portray the experience that patients will have at your practice, your history of excellent clinical results, and the stories of how you change your patients’ lives through dentistry.
Define Your Reach
Target the appropriate areas. People will inherently travel longer distances for treatments that are going to cost more money or treatments that are deemed as more complex. If you are only targeting your local area for dental implants procedures or comprehensive surgical cases you are going to struggle because it will be hard to get enough search volume to consistently bring those patients into the practice. We must scale your reach to surrounding communities for these large procedures.
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