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ROI Tracking -

If you fail to track your dental advertising and dental marketing results, it will be very difficult to determine where to make the correct adjustments to your marketing efforts.

Stop Speculating And Start Knowing your ROI

Take the guesswork out! We use analytics & reporting to help foster your continued success and maximize your return on investment. We have identified several key areas in dental marketing analytics that serve as excellent indicators of initial growth and long-term success.

As an added service, we offer three and/or six month consults with the doctors where we take a close look at the ROI and performance of their campaigns in full detail. This gives us the ability to expand on our success and make improvements when necessary to enhance each doctor’s comprehensive marketing strategy.

Call Tracking & Recording For Real-Time Results

Each custom dental website, dental direct mail campaign, dental radio advertisement, and dental TV commercial that Progressive Dental Marketing produces includes a call tracking and recording number. We believe in complete transparency with our clients and call tracking numbers allow us to do just that.

Before your project is completed, we will set up a call tracking number for your dental office using a local area code. When patients call that number, their calls are automatically forwarded to your office line. The call is recorded from the moment the phone begins to ring, allowing us to exactly calculate the number of patients your office has booked as a direct result of our dental marketing and dental advertising efforts. We will also be able to use the call recordings for staff training and coaching, further assisting your office in increasing booked patients. Once the caller hangs up, the recorded call is immediately forwarded to your email for you to review.

Call tracking is also beneficial when you aren’t in the office. Call tracking numbers are able to capture information about the patient, such as their phone number and location. If a potential patient gets to your voice mail, but chooses not to leave a message, you would ordinarily be out of luck. But because the call tracking number captures their phone number, your receptionists can still follow up with this patient and schedule an appointment. And, because all missed calls are forwarded to your email in real time, you have the ability to reach out to a patient within 5 minutes of their call.

Call tracking and recording allows us to do amazing things with your dental marketing campaign. But perhaps the biggest asset is our ability to show you real, substantial results that you can see and hear.

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