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External Marketing - External Dental Advertising - Progressive Dental Marketing

Dental marketing consultants at Progressive Dental can custom tailor and develop an external placement strategy to help maximize your ROI. Targeted dental marketing campaigns have been studied nationwide to help increase your overall results.

Highly Effective Marketing For Growing Dental Practices

TV advertising has always been highly effective at the local level for growing dental practices. Due to the complexity of TV advertising and substantial investment of time and resources required, expert consultation is always recommended when exploring dental TV advertising.

Be Heard By A Captive Audience In Your Area

Radio marketing has proven to be very powerful when used correctly. Radio marketing in the dental community is best used when advertising specialty dental procedures – something that patients can’t find at every doctor.

If you have a special dental procedure that provides your dental practice with a significant competitive advantage, radio marketing advertising might be an excellent way to spread your message.

If you are interested in dentist radio advertising, contact us today. For a small fee, Progressive Dental Marketing will research the demographics of your area – including average household income, household spending, age, and gender. Our dental marketing team will then use that information to research the radio stations in the area in order to find the best radio station that will work well with your demographics.

Effective Branding For Local Practices

For years, billboards have been used to brand local businesses and attract new clients. In the dental world, billboard advertising has been either a boom or bust media. Improper planning, poor design, and inadequate location research can ruin your chances for success in dental billboard advertising.

While billboard advertising can be extremely profitable for dentists, it needs to be done correctly. If dental advertising is done incorrectly, the outcome can be very costly and unpredictable. From full service marketing consulting to custom billboard design, our team of experts at Progressive Dental Marketing can ensure your quick launch success in this highly visible media. We can leverage your periodontal practice or general dentist practice to help you attract new patients and increase your return on investment.

Most importantly, our nationwide reach and dental advertising volume allows us to secure the most attractive dental billboard locations at the lowest rates available!

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