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Transform Your

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August 4th & 5th

JW Marriott Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV

A Two Day, immersive full-arch bootcamp
2023 Dates & Locations

August 4th & 5th

Las Vegas, NV

JW Marriott Las Vegas


Dentistry's Only

Full Arch Sales Training

If you want to close Full-Arch Implant Cases in Volume This Course is for You!

At The Closing Institute you will be trained on a Step by Step Sales Process that is geared towards closing “Direct to public” Leads in Volume. Our 10-10-10 Sales Process will allow you to close exponentially more arches without increasing time, staff, or overhead. It is simply twice as efficient!

How Does It Work?

The truth is that many practices can do 1 or 2 arches per month… They can accomplish that goal while remaining inefficient simply by Working Hard and “Making it Happen”. But scaling to 15, 20, or 30 arches per month will require a REAL “SYSTEM”! There are only 24 hours in a day. So in order to do exponentially more full arches we need to be more efficient in every single work flow… Clinical, Treatment Planning, Scheduling, & Marketing

Let’s Look at Some of the Most Common Problems that will Arise when you Scale: 

  • Time!   There are only so many hours in a day. When we begin to close more arches it is very common for your schedule to appear to be "Full" very quickly... Resulting in pushing out new patient consultations more than 7-10 days in the future. You will need a system that allows you to complete MORE consultations in LESS time and utilize the Treatment Coordinator to handle the lions share of the communication to maximize productive hours for the doctor.
  • Unqualified Patients!   If you want to close Full Arch Cases in volume, you will need a lot of leads and opportunities. Many of the opportunities generated will have financial challenges or be unqualified all together. Its much better to find that out BEFORE we invest time and energy into a full exam and consultation for a patient that ultimately has no means in which to pay for this type of treatment.
  • Price Shoppers!   Full Arch is not a cheap service. It is a major expense for virtually the entire population. It is critical to have a strategy that will appeal to price shoppers both on the phone and during their consultation.
  • Negotiating!   You must understand the fundamentals of a negotiation and the difference in consumer psychology as it pertains to deciding which treatment is right for them vs. getting the best deal for the treatment. We must understand the difference between a sale and a negotiation.
  • The Deal!   We must show every patient that they are getting a great deal! They are getting more than what they are paying for and that they can't beat our offer anywhere (That doesn't mean that you need to be the lowest price...). We want everyone to feel good about the price and the fact that they are getting a great deal. This is all in the financial presentation strategy. This will become second nature!
  • Automation!   More arches means more consultations, more phone calls, more inquiries, more campaigns, and more content. We must utilize automation in every situation possible to save time in communication, scheduling, and lead management.

the initial step of our transformative program

This is a 2-day, immersive, kick-off event for doctors, office managers, and treatment coordinators. The primary objective of this event is to help each of you understand the other’s roles within the treatment planning and sale-closing process.

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Dentistry's #1 Full Arch Sales System Designed to:

  • Acquire New Leads Every Day
  • Pre-Qualify Patients Prior to Seeing the Doctor
  • Create Urgency and Convert Second Opinions
  • Maximize the Doctor's Time in Surgery
  • Close More Cases in Less Time


Experience The closing institute bootcamp



How many times has a patient slipped through your fingers after presenting the cost of a high-dollar treatment plan, because your team is ill-equipped to control the sale?

We know that gaining the patient’s trust, overcoming objections, and coming up with a solution to fund treatments can be intimidating for even the most seasoned salesperson.

The traditional model used by multi-million dollar businesses to stay ahead in this hyper-competitive market is a large sales force, standardized sales process, and a sales manager dedicated to ongoing training. These companies understand how important it is to learn cutting-edge sales techniques to address the needs of the educated consumer.

In dentistry, however, this is not the case. We have seen first-hand through working with thousands of practices over the years, many treatment coordinators have been put in this role without any formal coaching or guidance.

Simply put, they are overlooked when it comes to sales training and lack the support necessary to convert high-dollar procedures.


Uncover proven systems utilized by the top implant producing practices in the nation.

Discover proven strategies to boost your implant production by acquiring qualified patients and identifying a case presentation process for maximum conversion on full-arch dental implant cases.

7:30 AM – 8:00 AM: Registration & Check-In

8:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Full-Arch Marketing & Strategy Development

  • Mitigate commoditization of dental implants and attract patients focused on clinical outcome, rather than cost
  • Ways to automate case documentation to generate qualified patients direct from the public
  • Reduce your online ad spend and double your conversions
  • Utilize high-impact video marketing to drive production & reduce new patient acquisition costs
  • Case studies and real-life scenarios from some of the most successful full-arch practices in the country that are consistently closing 25 arches or more per month

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM: Catered Lunch (Included)

1:00 PM – 5:00 PM: Full-Arch Case Presentation For Guaranteed Acceptance 

  • Simplify your treatment planning process. Learn a proven, standardized sales process for easy team training and implementation – all scripts included!
  • Create an irresistible offer for patients needing full-arch treatment – without discounting your price!
  • Scripts to triage, pre-qualify, and schedule qualified dental implant patients from marketing campaigns to maximize doctor productivity
  • Scheduling techniques to reduce no shows and increase practice efficiency
  • How to manage a “book of business” and get unscheduled treatment back in the door

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM: Cocktail Reception (Included)

Achieving predictable results when growing your implant practice requires specific protocols and execution techniques. Learn from the leaders in business system implementation, patient financing & case presentation applications to give you the best probability of increasing your implant production. 

7:30 AM – 8:00 AM: Registration & Check-In

8:00 AM – 1:00 PM: Full-Arch Marketing & Strategy Development

  • Develop an execution plan to implement systems the first day back at the practice
  • Discover how to leverage your experience, patient stories, and clinical outcomes to acquire quality patients directly from the public
  • Uncover how to increase lead conversion with automated follow-up text and email campaigns 
  • Understand when and how to introduce flexible financing options
  • Learn what to look for in evaluating a patient financing program (hint- it has a lot more to it than just provider fees)
  • Master how to identify ways to fund patients who don’t get approved for financing!


The Closing Institute Main Speaker
Our Keynote

Bart Knellinger

Founder & CEO, Progressive Dental

Bart Knellinger started Progressive Dental in 2009 after recognizing a need for marketing and consulting services within the dental field. Bart has helped thousands of practices identify areas for growth, and he has been noted as one of the leading innovators in dentistry today. He was recognized on the Business Observer’s 2015 40 Under 40 for Tampa Bay and has driven PD to be recognized on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing privately held companies for six consecutive years. Due to constant innovation, growth, and long-term client retention, PD has quickly become one of the fastest growing companies in the country! 

TCI - Speaker

Gerritt Cora

Vice President, Progressive Dental

Gerritt W. Cora has been with Progressive Dental since its inception in 2009. In the past 11 years, Gerritt has helped thousands of practices identify areas of growth and he currently works with some of the largest producing dental implant and full arch practices in the country. Gerritt studied financial consulting and marketing at the University of Miami and has brought his expertise to the field of dentistry to help clinicians identify and reach their goals for ultimate success. Skilled in strategy development and motivational speaking, Gerritt has spoken for a variety of industry organizations, and can be found lecturing and training practices across the country on a weekly basis.

With over 30 years of finance expertise, Dave Roehr became well known in the patient finance industry after designing and implementing a very successful patient financing program for one of the largest dental implant DSOs in the United States. The discovery of limited options for large case patient financing led Dave to create a company that addresses many of the industry shortfalls. In 2015, Dave founded Proceed Finance which is now one of the fastest-growing patient financing companies in the industry. Proceed Finance focuses on offering affordable payments with low-interest rates for patients and dramatically increasing case acceptance rates for its providers across the country.

front side img

Dave Roehr

Founder & CEO, Proceed Finance

Dr. Art Mirelez, who’s private implant practice focuses on full mouth reconstruction, graduated from University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry. Then completed a GPR in Fresno, CA. He is the owner of Revitalize Implant Center and Co-Founder CEO of InstaRisa Technologies.

As a graduate of the Misch Implant Institute and a Mentor & Clinical Instructor at the Kois Center, he has been providing implant surgical and restorative care since 2006. He is a Fellow ICOI and Fellow AGD. His passion for dental technology has driven him to research, develop and train dentist how to implement digital dentistry to better serve patients. Dr. Mirelez’s lectures help dentist optimize their practices by empowering team members to embrace digital technology to maximize output predictably and efficiently.

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Art Mirelez, DDS

Co-Founder & CEO, InstaRisa

Dr. Silfa completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery at the Columbia College of Dental Medicine and underwent an AEGD residency as the Chief Resident and an associate clinical professor at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. He has pursued continuing education on a regular basis since then, including NYU Full Mouth Rehabilitation training. Additionally, he has a background in research and studied the correlation between cardiovascular disease and gum disease while at Columbia. Today, he is widely considered as one of the leading dental practitioners on Long Island. He is a DSD Clinician & Owner of Silfa Dental, a Certified DSD clinic. Personal hobbies, include sports, fitness, high-intensity sports, cross-fit, running and riding Peloton.

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Publio Silfa, DDS

Owner, Silfa Dental

Dr. Marko Kamel has dedicated his professional career to providing patients with comprehensive restorative, surgical and reconstructive dental services. He earned his dental degree from Cairo’s Ain-Shams University in 2000 and received his D.D.S. in Minnesota in 2006. In his constant pursuit of excellence, Dr. Kamel has completed extensive continuing education courses, seminars and advanced training in dental soft tissue grafting, zygomatic and pterygoid implant placement, and more.

In 2012, after successfully building several dental practices throughout Minnesota, Dr. Kamel opened Woodbury Dental Arts, a state-of-the-art dental clinic dedicated to total patient wellbeing, offering comprehensive preventative, restorative, and implant services. In 2021, Dr. Kamel and Woodbury Dental Arts was recognized as a Nobel Biocare™ All-on-4® Center of Excellence.

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Founder, Woodbury Dental Arts

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If, after participating in the first half of the session, you don’t believe the systems will help you increase your full-arch production, simply notify a designated team member at the event and turn in your course materials. We will fully refund your tuition for the event.

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