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TRANSFORM Your Treatment Coordinators into CLOSERS!

The Most Relevant Training in the Dental Industry

Treatment Coordinators have the potential to become your most valuable assets. Now is the time to develop and leverage them to set your practice apart from the masses. Our revolutionary, all-inclusive mentorship program can grow and develop them strategically and consistently to close sales on high revenue, full arch procedures.

Our Transformative Program & Exclusive Curriculum

Our Unique Methodology Propels Change That Sticks!

There are numerous sales methods and programs out there to choose from, so what makes our exclusive curriculum unique? First and foremost, our unparalleled expertise. Gain exclusive access to all of our knowledge – a combined 27 years of experience within the dental industry! We know WHAT sells and they know HOW to sell it – all without being “salesy”.

Our distinguished team has uncovered what is at the heart of every patient’s buying decision. Most courses don’t have a lasting impact because they do not understand the point of view of the patient and how to quickly uncover their truth.

Some of the tools you’ll learn:

The psychology of a CLOSER

Standardized sales process

The Art of Influence

Identifying and overcoming acceptance barriers

Marketing creative financing options

Follow-up strategies and tools

Getting unscheduled treatment back in the door!

Our Transformative Program Includes:

Exclusive Sales Training

The Closing Institute provides a full range of curriculum to master specific skill sets in the psychology of patient influence, sales follow-up protocols, patient education techniques, creative funding strategies, and everything you need to know to specifically close dental implant and full arch cases in your practice. Throughout our program, you’ll learn the exact blueprint on how to grow your revenue in these cases, and you’ll also have access to all the tools necessary to execute the systems with no complications.

Mentorship & Ongoing Coaching

Our coaching and mentorship are performance driven and will help identify specific areas of the sales methodology you may need extra help with. Our expert guidance will help build high confidence that lead to masterful sales skills.

Live Implant Sales Critiques​

Bart Knellinger, CEO & Founder of Progressive Dental, conducts monthly, live zoom meetings featuring a consultation recorded by one of the treatment coordinators in the program.
During this meeting, Bart walks through these consultations, discuss challenges that came up and share new scripting techniques.

Online Learning

The Closing Institute’s Online University offers a wide range of benefits that are critical to protecting your training investment. We will teach you sales concepts and strategies that will drive real growth without any need to travel!

Our modules can be conveniently completed on a lunch break or in the comfort of home. One of the key benefits of online sales training is that it allows you to go back and cover modules over and over again, so nothing is lost or forgotten.

The Closing Institute is not time limited to a 2-day CE Course. It requires an on-going commitment
that allows you to achieve impressive results and career growth.

Next Boot Camp

Jan 22nd & 23rd

Next Kick-off Boot Camp


Boot Camp

The Closing Institute’s Boot Camp is the initial step of our transformative program.  This is a 2-day, immersive, kick-off event for doctors, office managers, and treatment coordinators. The primary objective of this event is to help each of you understand the other’s roles within the treatment planning and sale-closing process.

This fun and exciting destination event takes place in sunny Clearwater, Florida. It will not only inspire and ignite you and your staff but will also give you a firm foundation to start full-arch implant cases.

You’ll learn these foundational concepts:
  • Core process intro
  • Controlling of the sale
  • Qualify hard | Close easy
  • High ticket sale scripts that achieve
  • Ultimate blueprint to treatment planning
  • High-dollar procedure scripting
  • Proven strategies to convert leads
  • Bundling full-arch Treatment Plans

Please Note: All events take place in Clearwater Beach, Florida. We secure the event location and accommodations ahead of time to offer the best room block rate to attendees.


Bart Knellinger

president & ceo, progressive dental

Bart Knellinger started Progressive Dental in 2009 after recognizing a need for marketing and consulting services within the dental field. Bart has helped thousands of practices identify areas for growth, and he has been noted as one of the leading innovators in dentistry today. Bart has spoken for some of the industry’s largest organizations including BIOLASE, the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Nobel Biocare, The Dawson Academy, The Pankey Institute and more. He was recently recognized on the Business Observer’s 2015 40 Under 40.

Gerritt W. Cora


Gerritt W. Cora has been with Progressive Dental since its inception in 2009. Gerritt studied financial consulting and marketing at the University of Miami and has since worked with some of the largest dental practices in the country. Skilled in strategy development and motivational speaking, Gerritt has spoken for a variety of industry organizations, including BIOLASE, Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique and the Engel Institute. Gerritt can be found lecturing and training practices across the country on a weekly basis. He currently works with some of the largest producing laser, dental implant and All-on-4® practices in the country.

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