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Anyone can build a business, but only a few will build a legacy. The Closing Institute™ helps you build better by stepping away from a schedule filled with low-value appointments and reshaping your practice by closing more high-dollar, full-arch leads with our proprietary and proven team-based sales process.

The Closing Institute is more than a sales process

Our sales process, it’s personal, It’s having one-on-one calls with our trainers to ensure the best course of action. It’s psychology-based scripting to make sure you’re really connecting with patients who have hesitancies or fear. It’s mentoring and monthly in-person training sessions to ensure your team is maintaining momentum. It’s a hands-on approach to working smarter, not harder.

1:1 mentorship and sales coaching with certified trainers

24/7 access to
online learning

Monthly small group interactive workshops with our CEO, Bart Knellinger

In-person and virtual events throughout the year

Certification program to measure your growth
and results

Events to Inspire

If you could attend an event that would catapult your brand and your business with proven processes and techniques, would you?

Our annual Boot Camp and Full-Arch Growth Conference is about understanding the tremendous impact that Team Based Sales Training can have on all aspects of your practice. Featuring keynote speakers and industry leaders who provide valuable insights, cutting-edge strategies, and actionable tools that will transform your practice immediately.

With opportunities to network with thousands of other like-minded professionals, who are also looking to grow, refocus, and make their practice more profitable, you’ll find our events to be inspiring and invigorating.

Dentistry’s #1 Full Arch Sales System

Attendees Will Takeaway

  • Advanced Strategies to Generate Full Arch Leads
  • How to Quickly Pre-Qualify & Triage Patients that are Financially Unqualified
  • How to Implement the Revolutionary 10-10-10 Consultation/Sales Process to Drastically Increase Closing %
  • New Cutting Edge Digital Workflows To Increase Profits, Predictability, & Quality
  • Lessons from World-Renowned Speakers on Sales, Leadership, Mindset, and Influence.

Hyatt Regency Orlando
October 25 + 26

Orlando: Where magic happens!

Located minutes from major theme parks like Universal Orlando®, Walt Disney World® and SeaWorld Orlando®, our family-friendly Orlando resort has it all. Reserve a private cabana and relax poolside while the kids enjoy a swimming grotto with waterfalls, zero-entry pool and a waterslide. Grab a bite at one of five on-site restaurants or the 24-hour grab-and-go market, work out in a state-of-the-art fitness center or pamper yourself at the full-service hotel spa. Our International Drive location makes it easy to enjoy it all – with shopping, dining and more than 100 entertainment options, all within a two-mile radius of the hotel.

  • 9801 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819
  • Room Reservations: Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Room block rates will be available upon registration.

Propel Your Practice

As the only program of its kind in the dental marketing industry, our unparalleled and proprietary training gives you the tools you need . . .

  • Personalized Sales Coaching with Certified Trainers
  • Patient Consultation Critiques with CEO, Bart Knellinger
  • In-person and Virtual Events including Monthly Power Sessions
  • Continuing Education Credits & Tiered Certification Program
  • 24/7 Access to Online Learning Resources

… to get the results you want.

  • Efficiently Manage and Prequalify High Lead Volumes
  • Streamline Consultation Scheduling and Reduce No-shows
  • Empower TCs as Consultation Leaders to Save the Doctor’s Time
  • Simplify Consultation Process for Patient Comfort and Trust
  • Close Price Shoppers and Negotiate Lower Fees Effectively
  • Ensure Perceived Value Matches Cost for all Patients

Treatment Coordinators
Into Closers

TCI is all about Empowering and Training the Team - 3 people selling in unison - Patient Advocate, Doctor, and Treatment Coordinator

High-performing practices have high-performing clinicians, But if the clinician is spending time and energy trying to close the case, They aren’t spending time and energy doing the cases; That’s why many run out of time!

The treatment coordinator needs to be the quarterback of the consultation and the primary closer.

TCI will provide the process, scripting psychology, and know-how to immediately increase your closing %

Fontainebleau Las Vegas
June 21 + 22

Las vegas' newest luxury HOTEL

Built upon a legacy of sublime beauty, unparalleled service, and timeless design, Fontainebleau Las Vegas is the newest chapter in the 70-year history of the iconic Fontainebleau brand. With its expansion to the Las Vegas Strip, Fontainebleau Las Vegas ushers in a new era of luxury hospitality defined by a stunning 150,000-square-foot casino, world-class dining, vibrant entertainment and nightlife, and more than 3,600 exquisite hotel rooms and suites.

  • 2777 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Room Reservations: Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Room block rates will be available upon registration.

Common Obstacles our Clients Face:


There are only so many hours in a day. When we begin to close more arches it is very common for your schedule to appear to be “Full” very quickly… Resulting in pushing out new patient consultations more than 7-10 days in the future. You will need a system that allows you to complete MORE consultations in LESS time and utilize the Treatment Coordinator to handle the lions share of the communication to maximize productive hours for the doctor.

Unqualified Patients!

If you want to close Full-Arch Cases in volume, you will need a lot of leads and opportunities. Many of the opportunities generated will have financial challenges or be unqualified all together. It’s much better to find that out BEFORE we invest time and energy into a full exam and consultation for a patient that ultimately has no means in which to pay for this type of treatment.

Price Shoppers!

 Full-Arch is not a cheap service. It is a major expense for virtually the entire population. It is critical to have a strategy that will appeal to price shoppers both on the phone and during their consultation.


You must understand the fundamentals of a negotiation and the difference in consumer psychology as it pertains to deciding which treatment is right for them vs. getting the best deal for the treatment. We must understand the difference between a sale and a negotiation.

The Deal!

We must show every patient that they are getting a great deal! They are getting more than what they are paying for and that they can’t beat or offer anywhere (That doesn’t mean that you need to be the lowest price…). We want everyone to feel good about the price and the fact that they are getting a great deal. This is all in the financial presentation strategy. This will become second nature!


More arches means more consultations, more phone calls, more inquiries, more campaigns, and more content. We must utilize automation in every situation possible to save time in communication, scheduling, and lead management.

TCI is the Only Sales Program of its Kind in Dentistry!

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Your decision to attend is absolutely risk-free.

If, after participating in the first half of the session, you don’t believe the systems will help you increase your full-arch production, simply notify a designated team member at the event and turn in your course materials. We will fully refund your tuition for the event.

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