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4 Pillars to a Successful Marketing Plan and Practice Comeback

In this Interview, Gerritt Cora, VP of Progressive Dental will take a deep dive into the 4 Pillars of successful marketing in today’s marketplace. With all of the changes happening in the country, dental practices are forced to become more sophisticated and innovative with their marketing strategies. Gerritt will cover key elements of a successful marketing plan from strategy creation, content development, AI and automated tactics, to systems and strategies to increase case acceptance in a contracting marketplace.

In this interview, expect to cover:

  • Strategy creation and optimization
  • Content development for maximum impact
  • Tactical marketing techniques
  • Case acceptance essentials

Register and take some time today to learn more about the 4 Pillars to success under any market conditions. These foundational building blocks have been key to our success and the success of hundreds of some of the nations most innovative and leading practices. 

When you register to watch the interview and schedule a strategy session with our team you will AUTOMATICALLY receive a $5,000 Progressive Dental Credit that can be applied to Marketing or Training for your practice. REGISTER NOW!


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