What is Full Circle Marketing?

  • Progressive Dental Marketing’s Full Circle marketing system combines strategic planning, analytics, tracking, engagement, and staff training to qualify and convert new dental patients.
  • We create customized marketing campaigns based on the needs of your practice and the type of cases you wish to attract.
  • Ongoing collaboration and training programs support long-term marketing success.
  • Data-driven Full Circle Marketing methodology emphasizes full transparency and accountability.
  • Analytics measure the effectiveness of your dental advertising program and identify areas where improvements can be made; we use this information to continually refine your strategy and optimize your ROI.


Custom Marketing For Your Practice

At the end of the day, our goal is to connect you with new patients who will pay for your services. We can show you all of the searches, clicks, and calls in the world, but if high conversion rates don’t accompany them, what are they worth?

Our Full Circle Marketing approach is designed to craft, implement, and track a custom marketing program based on the needs of your practice. We consistently engage with your staff to ensure the new patient prospects are qualified and being converted into new dental patients. Our blend of dental marketing, dental marketing analytics, and personal dental marketing engagement provides full transparency into the effectiveness of your dental advertising program and easily allows us to identify areas of improvement within the marketing strategy and the systems within your practice.

Complete Tracking & Analytics

Your Full Circle Marketing campaign will allow you to track results and analytics from:

  • Impressions
  • Click-through rate
  • Time on site
  • Number of calls
  • Number of bookings
  • Number of appointments
  • Number of patients who accept services
  • Type of treatments patients consent to receive

Never before has a dental marketing company combined a custom marketing approach with professional “as needed” consulting included at no additional charge! Call us today to schedule a Full Circle Marketing consultation!

Low Click Through

Your Problem:

Your dental website has a healthy number of impressions, but a low number of click-throughs.

PDM Solution:

We will look to enhance your search engine optimization with placement on the page or we will adjust the page titles or meta-description of your dental website.

Booked Appointments

Your Problem:

You are getting a high number of phone calls or inquiries, but a low number of new patient booked appointments.

PDM Solution:

We will determine if the patients calling in are qualified and assist your staff with training, to include common patient objections when they are scheduling patients. This is a critical step in dental marketing success!

High Bounce Rate

Your Problem:

You have an above average click-through rate, but a high bounce rate (meaning that potential patients are staying on your site for less than 30 seconds).

PDM Solution:

We will analyze the landing page and adjust the search engine optimization for the dental website content to better engage the user.

Treatment Planning

Your Problem:

You have numerous patients that book appointments, but the number of patients that move forward with dental treatment is low.

PDM Solution:

We will assist you with the dental care treatment planning process. Perhaps flexible financing or a simple conversation about how to create long-term value for a given procedure is enough to dramatically affect the number of patients who accept your treatment plan!

Low Call Volume

Your Problem:

Users are spending a great deal of time on the website, but you are still receiving a low number of new dental patient calls.

PDM Solution:

We will employ different call-to-actions on your website.