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We are not your typical “Dental Practice Consultants”… We don’t walk in with a binder that is the end all be all for how to manage a dental practice. We have seen 10 different practices complete the same task 10 different ways, and all be successful. Why change something without data or analytics showing a glaring weakness?


at Progressive Dental Marketing we have identified a few key areas that typically hold our clients back from realizing an optimal return on their marketing dollars

Recognizing this is more the rule than the exception we decided to provide coaching and consulting in the following areas
  • phone training
  • treatment planning conversion
  • hygiene & perio planning
  • patient experience

Everything else is addressed if and only if the analytics suggest there is a major problem.

We have seen many clients mistakenly hire “Practice Consultants” because they wanted to grow their practices. “Practice Consultants” are best utilized when you have strong gross revenue and new patient flow, you are just running inefficiently.

If your needs include creating a marketing strategy, acquiring new patients, or growing topline revenue then a firm like Progressive Dental Marketing would be a much better fit.

Progressive Dental Marketing provides consulting and training services that include:

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