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FAQ: I am not seeing any ROI for my marketing strategy. Should I stop it?

The simple answer? No. But marketing campaigns aren’t simple, are they? First, have you given the campaign enough time to be successful? We often hear practices exasperatedly sigh their frustration after not seeing any ROI, or return on investment, from just 30 days of a new marketing campaign. Unfortunately, that usually isn’t enough time for […]

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FAQ: Why do I need a website upgrade with video integration?

We understand. You already have a website with lots of content that has proven effective over the past few years – so why upgrade? Think about your cell phone. Now think about how often you upgrade that cell phone. Do you still have the same one from two to three years ago? Probably not. A […]

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FAQ: Does custom content really help with my SEO/placement on a Google search?

YES! Content is King! Search engines, like Google, have an algorithm for how they place value on websites; which, ultimately, is how they decide where to place each site on their search results page (SERP). These scaling algorithms are constantly changing, and the search engines will never share them with you, or everyone would be […]

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12 Events to Share Through Press Releases

Now that you have the basic foundation of your press program established, you need to fill in the cracks with quality, engaging content. This is when we often hear: “How do I make my press releases work?” As a general rule, your press release should have one newsworthy topic, and each release should aim to […]

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How to Engage with Your Social Media Audience

If you don’t know your audience, how do you know what sort of conversation to have? A key fact to note is that posts show up in a generalized area around your location; this makes it critical to have some understanding of the actions of people around you. First, find out when your audience checking […]

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How This Dental Practice Went 100% Fee-for-Service, and Grew By 350%

Are you throwing money at marketing without seeing any results? Eight years ago, Founder and CEO of Progressive Dental, Bart Knellinger, noticed an opportunity to help dental practices succeed. His father, Dr. Dan Knellinger, owned a practice that was preparing to bring on two additional doctors. This presented a problem – how could they get […]

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How to Build an Influential Social Media Presence

Social media is like an ADA meeting. To successfully connect with other users, you need to be a social media butterfly and interact with everyone on the platform. Listen to the conversations others are having around you, add your input and start your own conversations. While you do this, remember that you need to be […]

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The “Who Am I?” Approach to Social Media Marketing

What is social media marketing? Put simply, social media marketing is the process of using social media platforms to generate content that attracts clients. Some of the most common, and successful, platforms are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. While each of these platforms functions a little differently from the others, the basic essence is the same: […]

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7 Tips to Crafting a Successful Press Program

“I want to create a press release about my practice and publish it in the New York Times.” – Said every public relations novice. Creating a press release that is captured by a major media outlet like the New York Times or the Washington Post takes more than a catchy headline. Public relations leaders have […]

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